Becoming an Accredited Training Program

What are benefits of becoming a NSBTM accredited program?

  1. An accredited program earns additional professional credibility among its peers and the public by agreeing to meet the standards of a national oversight organization. The program will be able to include the logo and the phrase “Accredited by the NSBTM” on advertisements, websites and brochures.
  2. Accreditation by the NSBTM may be advantageous when applying for grants and other sources of funding.
  3. An accredited program is able to advertise their Continuing Education Unit (CEU) events on the NSBTM webpage, and also benefit from CEU events offered by other accredited programs.
  4. A representative from an accredited program has the opportunity to hold office on the Board and its committees and have membership in the Representative Council. This promotes the participation in all processes related to the common goal of maintaining high standards for therapeutic musicians.
  5. An accredited program becomes part of a network of organizations that share information about research, health care advances, ethics and program standards expertise.
  6. Graduate listings for accredited programs are accessed through a link at the NSBTM site.



Download the Accreditation Application Instructions

Download the Accreditation Application


Download Renewal Accreditation Application Instructions