Educational Opportunities

Conferences or workshops may or may not qualify for Continuing Education Credits. Check with your training program for CEU eligibility for workshops and conferences.      

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The Institute for Healing and Sound maintains a page listing educational opportunities for therapeutic musicians.

Therapeutic music online continuing education classes:
Verlene Schermer offers on-line workshops



A Primer on Gregorian Chant

This webinar workshop is offered for anyone interested in learning how to read Gregorian notation and how to sing and play freely from that notation.   It is particularly useful for liturgical musicians, and for therapeutic musicians who would like to expand their repertoire of un-metered music.

The workshop will cover the fundamentals of reading Gregorian notation, the eight Gregorian modes, sources of repertoire, possibilities for composition and improvisation using the underlying principles of Gregorian chant, and the use of this music as therapeutic repertoire. 

I loved the way you affirmed our freedom to play with these, to improvise with them, to create our own from texts that are prayers for us.  To use language or no language.  To harmonize, to repeat.  I have been thirsty for this kind of support, and you poured it out.  LB

Session length – 5 hours – 5 MHTP CEUs – $50.00

This webinar is being offered Saturday, May 29, 2021  See to register.  

Registration deadline: May 25, 2021. It will be offered again September 11, 2021.


An Introduction to St. Hildegard of Bingen & Her Music

St. Hildegard of Bingen was a 12th century “Renaissance” woman, whose visionary experiences inspired her music and writings.  She composed the earliest liturgical drama and mystery play, as well as over 60 beautiful and unusual pieces of music. 

In this workshop, you will learn about her fascinating life, her philosophy of music, the requirements of sung prayer, and particularly her unusual and therapeutic use of intervals and modes.  You will learn how to approach the songs vocally and instrumentally, and will learn to sing and/or play several short pieces of her music. Her music can be an inspiration for your own compositions and liturgical or therapeutic work.

Session length – 3 hours – 3 MHTP CEUs –  $30.00

This webinar is being offered Saturday, August 21, 2021.  See to register.

Registration deadline: August 14, 2021.



The Voice & Chant: enhancing your therapeutic presence with your voice

This webinar workshop is directed at therapeutic musicians and liturgical musicians.   

Are you a therapeutic musician who is primarily a singer?  Are you a therapeutic musician who sings, and would like to add voice to your certification, and/or integrate your voice into your work with patients?  Simple chants from different cultures can provide a lovely vehicle for enriching your repertoire, focusing your intentionality, deepening intimacy and connection, and facilitating healing or prayer.   

This workshop will cover these topics:

Why the voice is a vehicle that can intensify the possibility for greater intimacy and healing as you serve.        How therapeutic singing differs from “performance” singing    Exploration of the vowels & consonants, and how sounding them affects the body/mind  Beginning exploration of intervals and how they affect the body/mind.   Exercises that will help you embody the therapeutic voice.  How chants can be used to open up possibilities for improvisation on your instrument.   Chants from diverse cultures that you can use in your therapeutic music practice

 Session length – 3 hours – 3 MHTP CEUs – $30.00

 This webinar is being offered Saturday July 17, 2021.  See  to register.

Registration deadline: July 10, 2021.


Using the Principles of Gregorian chant for Creative Composition

 This webinar is open to therapeutic musicians with a basic knowledge of Gregorian chant who wish to enhance their repertoire by exploring the possibilities of composing simple chant modeled on the arrhythmic qualities of Gregorian chant. 

In this webinar, we will review the unique structure of Gregorian Chant, and explore how it offers a template for composing with text and modal music. We will discuss creative composition, especially the composition of music and chant that can enhance the relaxation response.  Students will then be guided to apply what they have learned, creating a composition during the webinar that they might use in their therapeutic music practice.

Session length – 3 hours – 3 MHTP CEUs – $30.00

This webinar is being offered Saturday June 19, 2021.  See  to register.

Registration deadline: June 14, 2021.



For other educational opportunities, keep an eye on these websites: 

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