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All of the training programs accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM) maintain a current list of graduates on their websites. These directories list certified musicians who have completed training in therapeutic music and related concepts and a 45-hour internship playing at the bedside of patients in hospital and palliative care settings. Therapeutic music is relaxing and soothing music that often helps relieve pain, anxiety and muscle tension and helps stabilize and maintain regular body rhythms.

Certified therapeutic music practitioners are found in the US and internationally and are required to earn 40 CEUs during a 4-year period starting from when they graduated. The number of continuing education credits is in accordance with the standards specified by the NSBTM.

A composite directory of certified therapeutic musicians is maintained by the Institute for Healing through Sound and Music (IHSM)

Clinical Musician Certification Program (Harp for Healing) Graduate Directory 

International Harp Therapy Program Graduate Directory 

Music for Healing and Transition Program Graduate Directory

Bedside Harp Graduate Directory