NSBTM Friends of Therapeutic Music General Information and How To’s Index

People paying to become a Friend of Therapeutic Music fill out the Application form opened from a link on the Friends web page.

  • If the individual completes payment through PayPal:
    • Notification from PayPal is received in nsbtm.acct@gmail.com , a copy of their Application is sent to nsbtm.web@gmail.com, their name, email address and application date are automatically added to the Friends of Therapeutic Music list in MailChimp, and a welcome message is automatically sent to the individual from friends@nsbtm.org. No one on the Board gets a copy of this message, but it includes the following text:
      Dear "firstname"
      Thank you for becoming a Friend of 
      Therapeutic Music! We will notify you 
      when your listing has been added to 
      our website. You will be hearing from 
      us by email about research updates, 
      legislative alerts and other news, 
      and you will start receiving our 
      quarterly newsletter.
      Thanks again, National Standards Board 
      for Therapeutic Musicians
    • The follow-up tasks required are listed in the “Friends Follow-up Tasks” document.
  • If the individual prefers to print out their Application and mail it with a check, everything has to be added manually to the Friends of Therapeutic Music list in MailChimp.
  • If the individual is having problems completing the Application Process or using PayPal for payment, they will often fill out the Contact Form on the website which sends a message to nsbtm.web@gmail.com.
    • In this case, a new name may or may not have been added on the Friends of Therapeutic Music list in MailChimp.
    • The Web Content Manager will need to work with the NSBTM Treasurer to see if any payment has been received from this person.

How To’s for Friends of Therapeutic Music Tasks

Maintaining and Sharing the Friend of Therapeutic Music Database – NSBTM Web Content Editor
(Word version)

Friends of Therapeutic Music Follow-up Tasks – NSBTM Web Content Editor   (Word version)