NSBTM MailChimp Procedure – Task Assignments

MailChimp is the software program used to manage NSBTM Mailing Lists primarily associated with the Friend of Therapeutic Music Initiative.  Everyone uses the same Username (NSBTM38mc) and Password to LogIn. (Passwords are obtained from the NSBTM Web Content Editor.)

  1. MailChimp List Administrator / NSBTM Web Content Editor
    • Maintains the two current Mailing Lists
      • NSBTM Board Members (including Executive Board, Representatives Council and Advisory Council)
      • Friends of Therapeutic Music
    • Sends the Welcome Newsletter to a single person when notified that a new Friend of Therapeutic Music has paid their dues
  2. MailChimp Newsletter Manager / NSBTM Treasurer
    • Revises the previous Newsletter with new content provided by the newsletter editor and saves the new edition
    • Notifies the Newsletter Distribution Manager when a Newsletter is ready to mail
  3. MailChimp Newsletter Distribution Manager / NSBTM Vice Chair
    • Creates a Campaign and sends the new Newsletter to the NSBTM Board Members and the Friends of Therapeutic Music
  4. The email address nsbtm.news@gmail.com is associated with Newsletter activities. (Passwords are obtained from the NSBTM Web Content Editor.) The contact information in this Gmail address should be updated when a new Web Content Editor takes over.


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