NSBTM Website and Facebook General Information and To’s Index

The NSBTM website (https://www.nsbtm.org/) was designed by Josh Bergman (www.bergman.net), josh@jbergman.net, PO Box 370461, Denver, CO 80237, Phone 720‑937‑6740. All requests for technical assistance should start with him.

Website Information

  • The website domain name (nsbtm.org) is registered with GoDaddy.com. It is set to automatically renew on 05/07/2023, although the NSBTM Debit Card will need to be updated at that time.
  • The website domain name (thereapeuticmusician.com) is also registered with GoDaddy.com. It will expire on March 14, 2017 and a decision needs to be made as to whether the organization wants to renew this domain name or let it go.
  • The website is hosted by TotalChoice Hosting and is renewed annually on the NSBTM Debit Card on August 10. It is currently paid up through 2016.

Website How To’s

WordPress Tips

  • When creating pages for logged in users, make sure to select the Page Attributes/Template on the right side when editing the page. By selecting Board Members Only or Board Member Extra (based on who you want to be able to access it) causes the page to make sure the user is logged in to see it. 
  • Be aware that when you use tables for layout purposes on a page that does have a negative effect on mobile users. Tables don’t resize dynamically like the rest of the site when viewing on smaller screens, so mobile users might get a horizontal scroll bar on that page.
  • To update links in the floating blocks on the Home Page, go to “Smart Blocks.”
  • Menus are found under “Appearance.”

Related Website Activities

  • When a Board Member joins or leaves the Board the following information needs to be updated:
    • Board Member information on the About Us…Board Members page
    • Board Member information on the Board Room…Board Members page
    • Deleted as a User in the Dashboard…Users…All Users area
    • In MailChimp the NSBTM Board Members mailing list also needs to be updated.
  • Google Analytics are set up with the username NSBTM.web@gmail.com. Information from these reports should be reported monthly to the Board.
  • Website management:
  • All passwords are managed by the Web Content Editor or Treasurer and provided to the Chair.


  • The NSBTM Fan Page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/NSBTM/160170623998254?fref=ts
  • Page Administrators as of 01/31/2016 are Mary Stevens and Jefferson Svengsouk.
  • To make any changes on the Page, login to Facebook with your own Facebook username and password.
  • Remember that Page Admins can post to the Page either as “themselves” or as the “NSBTM.”
    • I usually post announcements as “NSBTM” and then use my personal identification if I want to like or comment on something.
    • The icon on the left of the posting window shows how you will be posting. (It’s either your picture or the NSBTM logo.)
    • To change how you post, open Settings on the Fan Page, find Post Attribution in the list on the left side of the screen, and change the selection. Changes in settings are automatically saved.