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The 2020 Therapeutic Music Presentation Planner Is Available Now!


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The 2020 Therapeutic Music Presentation Planner provides resources for planning effective presentations and includes updated references to current research, frequently with hyperlinks to abstracts and full articles.

The Presentation Planner was developed BY practitioners FOR practitioners. This is a “must have” planning tool for any therapeutic music students or practitioners who are speaking formally or informally about therapeutic music. The planner provides:

  • Guidelines for professional presentations to support quality and effectiveness
  • Worksheets to simplify the planning process and help manage logistical details that can make or break a presentation
  • Resource sheets for various playing environments
  • Therapeutic Music FAQ handout and NSBTM Information Brochure – ready to use

Specifically, the Planner Documents in this downloadable PDF include:

  • Table of Contents
  • About the Presentation Planner
  • General Presentation Guidelines
  • Presentation Planner Worksheet
  • Enhancing Your Presentation With Heartfelt Stories
  • Story Planner Worksheet
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Therapeutic Music
  • Fact Sheets:
    • Hospice
    • People with Memory Loss Living in Long-Term Care Facilities
    • Hospital Preop and Rehab Units
    • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    • Template for Creating New Fact Sheets
  • 5-Minute Elevator Speech on Therapeutic Music
  • Additional Presentation Resources
  • National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians Information Brochure

You will get more than 30 pages full of information and resources to build your therapeutic practice through effective presentations.

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