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Online Articles
1. “Re-narrating Disability through Musical Performance”, Stefan Sunandan Honisch, Music Theory Online, Volume 15, Numbers 3 and 4, August 2009 Copyright © 2009 Society for Music Theory. (
The combination of disability and music performance engages two principal dimensions: the reality of living and functioning as a musician with an impairment (lived experience), and the outside perceptions of that reality which intrude upon an audience’s experience of, and response to a musical performance. In recognition of the fact that these two aspects of disability affect both performer and audience in numerous complex ways, this paper addresses both of these dimensions in turn, and then examines how they intersect in the context of a live musical performance.

2. “Harp Music Stabilizes Blood Pressure, Lessens Pain in ICU Patients: Study”, Huff Post Healthy Living, Internet Newspaper 08/04/2012 (
Music may be able to heal — literally.

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How veterans benefit from therapeutic harp.

4. “This music improves blood pressure”, Christian Goodman, Blue Heron Health News August 28, 2012 (
This report of a small study at the University of Arizona showed that a 10-minute harp performance didn’t just lower high blood pressure. It actually also brought up low blood pressure to normal levels

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