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The National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM) is the accrediting organization for therapeutic music certification programs. In 2003, directors and officers of established certification programs formed the founding committee, which worked to create the original Courses of Study, Code of Ethics, Professional Conduct, and Scope of Practice. The committee also recruited the first board members and worked with independent consultants to establish the application and accreditation procedure for certification programs. Since then, leaders in the therapeutic music field have served on the board and representative council, defining and upholding the standards for accreditation of these programs. The NSBTM currently has accredited five Live Therapeutic Music training and certification programs.

The NSBTM maintains the Accreditation Standards, revising them as needed, and reviews applications of programs that wish to become accredited. Additionally, board and representative council members have formed several project committees that oversee tasks on research and legislation, administration and marketing, and more. The NSBTM holds meetings bimonthly as part of its organization management. See a list of current and recently completed projects here.

Healthcare facilities:

Hiring a Certified Therapeutic Musician from an NSBTM-accredited training program ensures the highest quality musicianship and professionalism for your patient care. NSBTM-accredited programs have designed their curricula to adhere to the Scope of Practice for Certified Therapeutic Musicians. Certified Therapeutic Musicians demonstrate appropriate musical skills and techniques and are sensitive to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient, families and staff. They operate within your facility's protocol, maintaining a positive, responsible, and professional manner. They are also trained in respecting diversity, confidentiality, and infection control/instrument sanitization.

We invite you to visit the directories of Certified Therapeutic Musicians here.

Though the healing benefits of music have been known for centuries, the field of Live Therapeutic Music as it stands today is still in its infancy. More and more healthcare facilities are forming Therapeutic Music departments, integrating the practice of healing music into patient care. The NSBTM is happy to provide you with resources and guidance on hiring Certified Therapeutic Musicians to your facility.

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