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There are currently five Therapeutic Music training programs accredited by the NSBTM. These programs adhere to the Accreditation Standards which ensure consistent, requisite program curricula and preparation for offering live therapeutic music at the bedside.

Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP) est. 1994, accredited since 2008

International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) est. early 1990s, accredited since 2008

Bedside Harp est. 2002, accredited since 2017

Harp for Healing Clinical Musician Certification Program (CMCP) est. 2002, accredited since 2008

Healing Harp Certification Program est. 2007, accredited since 2022

Learn how to apply to become an NSBTM-accredited program here.


Our affiliate programs work closely with NSBTM to advance the standards set for the growing field of therapeutic music. We thank them for their support.

Institute for Healing Through Sound and Music

Vibroacoustic Therapeutic Music (VATM) Program

Want more information on becoming an affiliate program? Email

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