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The new website is now launched.

Section 1.4 of the Accreditation Standards, Continuing Education Units, has been updated and approved by all program executives.

NSBTM has grown its social media presence through Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

A document of Operational Standards has been drafted and approved.

A Basic Guide to Virtual Audio was created and distributed to program members.


The NSBTM is dedicated to building mutually beneficial working relationships with related organizations, while upholding the standards of the growing field of Live Therapeutic Music.

The Legislative and Advocacy Committee continues to research legislation pertaining to the work of Certified Therapeutic Musicians in healthcare, with the goal of assisting individual states' efforts to support legislation prompted by the American Music Therapy Association that uses language allowing the practice of Certified Therapeutic Musicians. The committee aims to develop a network of Therapeutic Musicians - at least one in each state - to monitor their respective state's legislation regarding the practice of therapeutic music.

The board is discussing the steps necessary for consistent titling among NSBTM-accredited program graduates.

A committee has been formed to review and update affiliate membership requirements and application process.

Committees have been assigned to redesign and update important documents, including the Presentation Planner, NSBTM Informational Brochure, and Therapeutic Music Services Comparison Chart.

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