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Therapeutic Music Presentation Planner

The Presentation Planner is a resource for students and graduates to develop effective, informational presentations and demonstrations. Available as a digital PDF file.


Cost: $40 USD

2020 Pres Planner Photo.png

The Presentation Planner was developed FOR practitioners BY practitioners and has been an essential product for Live Therapeutic Musicians offered by the NSBTM. Use the included templates and information to create your own high-quality, professional presentation.

Also included:

  • Updated references to current research with included hyperlinks to abstracts and full articles.

  • Helpful guidelines for professional presentations

  • Worksheets to simplify the planning process and help you manage logistical details of your presentation

  • Resource sheets for various playing environments

  • Ready-to-use Therapeutic Music FAQ handout and NSBTM Informational Brochure

NSBTM Informational Brochure

This brochure is provided to help Certified Therapeutic Musicians describe the benefits of Live Therapeutic Music, the definition of a Certified Therapeutic Musician, and the role the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians plays in accrediting TM training programs.

Cost: Free

Therapeutic Harp Presentation Video

Created by Sarajane Williams and now offered through Harp for Healing, this video contains focused excerpts from the 3-DVD set Therapeutic Harp: Ancient Legacy, Sound Science and Clinical Applications. Showing this video is like having your own panel of experts in the room with you to add credibility to your presentation. 

Cost: Free

Therapeutic Music Services Comparison Chart

This chart provides an at-a-glance summary of key elements of Live Therapeutic Music as compared to Music Therapy and Music Thanatology. Included in the comparison are descriptions of each practice, theoretical framework, practice settings, populations served, professional organizational bodies, training qualifications, and more.

Cost: Free

A Guide to Disinfecting Musical Instruments

This guide was created by NSBTM in collaboration with various harp manufacturers, and was originally published in the Harp Therapy Journal. For specific sanitization processes for your instrument, please contact your instrument manufacturer directly.

Cost: Free

Bedside Therapeutic Music Overview and Demonstration

This video, created by Harp for Healing Mentor and NSBTM Board Member Nicole Anderson, offers an overview and demonstration of common therapeutic music applications for different patient populations as taught by the Clinical Musician Certification Program. Use this video as inspiration for your own demonstrations as part of your Therapeutic Music presentation.

Cost: Free

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