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Enhance your therapeutic music presentation:

This Presentation Planner is a resource for students and graduates to develop effective, informational presentations and demonstrations. Available as a download in PDF form. 

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Our Continuing Education webpage offers ongoing offerings created by some of our most reputable CTMs, as well as webinars, in-person workshops, and conferences. Students are welcome to partake in many of these opportunities as well, to supplement their training.

An art rooted in science...

Subscriptions and books that may interest you:

Published quarterly since 1996, The Harp Therapy Journal is the leading professional journal for therapeutic harpists and other musicians. Articles in The Harp Therapy Journal address topics such as historical and cultural perspectives, scientific and medical research, theoretical models, interviews, case studies, music, professional development, and related news.

Online forum and print magazine for harp-related practical news, information, articles, product reviews, and more.

Published quarterly by the Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP), this E-newsletter creates a forum for its students, graduates, and other interested readers. Publication contributions are from current graduate/student articles, national news, and events/conferences. Contributions are diverse and may include articles on personal experience and growth, marketing tips, news briefs, and tips on music for therapeutic use.

A list of books for supplemental learning and development of therapeutic music skills.

Quarterly publication offered by the International Society of Folk Harpists and Craftsman. This journal provides helpful articles and sheet music applicable to TM. Nearly every issue includes a "How We Learn" feature by one of the pioneers of Therapeutic Music, Laurie Riley.

Books written by Laurie Riley, a pioneer in the Therapeutic Music field.

Submit your video or article to "Therapeutic Musicians at Work"

Our new website page, Therapeutic Musicians at Work, aims to feature our hardworking TMs providing healing music in their community. We accept a selection of videos and articles that we feel are informative and inspirational to others. See below for submission guidelines. To submit your work for consideration, please send it to

Submission guidelines:

  1. You must be an active student or graduate of an NSBTM-accredited program to submit

  2. Articles and videos only are accepted

  3. The article or video must be your own creation, and you must own the rights to it

  4. The article for video would ideally be 5 years old or less, but on a case-by-case basis we will accept slightly older features

  5. Please send the video as a link from a public video platform (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo)

  6. All HIPAA regulations must be followed; please no identifying information about your patients

Types of submissions considered:

  1. Videos demonstrating therapeutic music

  2. Videos telling a story about a patient session

  3. Videos describing how becoming a TM has enhanced your life/work

  4. Article about a patient session

  5. Article describing how becoming a TM has enhanced your life/work

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